YOI (Japanese for “good” or “beautiful”) blends elements from trip hop, folk, ethno, rock, and jazz in a unique, organic way. The atmospheric, sometimes slightly melancholic, unusually novel sound of YOI is remotely redolent of acts such as Tunng, Jah Wobble, Morcheeba, and Massive Attack here and there, but YOI’s unique style can always be recognised. It is built upon delicate rhythm patterns, not least because of the unconventional line-up featuring a drummer plus two percussionists.

YOI is:
Helmut Kadel on accordion, piano, and keyboards
Ulf Hilzenbecher on electric and acoustic guitar and vocals
Heike Mauelshagen on vocals, low whistle, and acoustic guitar
Ivan Remolina on bass
Hajo Müller on drums
Thomas Römer on djembe, congas, and cajon
Rüdiger Mauelshagen on bodhràn, jew’s harp, and percussion